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Aaron is Passionate About

Safer Streets for Wahiawa

I remember the night my parents got robbed. Mom was in tears and Dad was up the rest of the night, eyes fixed on the street. No doubt, the thieves were emboldened by the use of illegal drugs. Why else would they act that way toward their neighbors? Not only do we have people sleeping in our streets, but also they are also getting shot near our homes. I refuse to accept that violent crime and homelessness due to the devastating effects of illegal drug use are just part of daily life here. Let’s stand together against the things that hurt our community. I’m from Wahiawa, and I’m for Wahiawa.

Quality Care for Kupuna

My grandpa died at Wahiawa General Hospital. If my parents get sick, I will drive them to a hospital at least 20 min away, and I know I’m not the only Wahiawa resident who feels that way. Our community deserves to have our neighborhood hospital be the premiere hospital of choice for Wahiawa residents. I’m from Wahiawa, and I’m for Wahiawa.

Support for Veterans

Both my grandfathers served our country in WWII. Grandpa Menor worked at Schofield until he retired and Grandpa Agsalda was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. I am grateful for the sacrifice of our service members, recognize the value they continue to bring to our community and will fight for their rights and benefits. I’m from Wahiawa, and I’m for Wahiawa.

Local Jobs for the 21st Century

We are in the greatest recession of my lifetime. My dad, a business owner and job creator, showed me how hard work can lift someone out of poverty and reward them with a sense of dignity. Central Oahu can offer opportunities for new jobs in health care/health sciences, food sustainability, cybersecurity, manufacturing and building. Wahiawa families will always need good health care and healthy food. Wahiawa homes will always need the services of skilled tradesmen: carpenters, roofers, plumbers and electricians. I’m from Wahiawa, and I’m for Wahiawa.

World Class Education for Our Keiki

Let’s help kids shift their electronic gaming culture to develop profitable careers in Science, Tech, Engineering and Math! Agriculture is changing; it’s not what it used to be when grandpa spent hours in the sun with a wide-brimmed hat and sickle. Now, we can monitor moisture and pH levels in the soil via tablet. We can inspect crops with the use of drones. Do our kids know they can start businesses? Let’s teach financial education. Let’s teach business development. Do our kids know which skills add value to companies? Let’s teach marketing. Let’s teach administration. Let’s encourage the trades that allow kids to work with their hands and have a sense of pride for what they’ve built. Let’s have great jobs ready for them HERE IN HAWAII by the time they get out of school so our ohana can stay close and we can keep getting together for Sunday BBQ. I’m from Wahiawa and I’m for Wahiawa.


My grandparents’ generation built this town. They showed me that the path forward requires us to continue working TOGETHER. We build on the foundation laid by the previous generations. Their Wahiawa is our Wahiawa. This community understands Wahiawa’s roots and is coming together again. Will you work with us to Mālama Wahiawā?


Will you work with us to Mālama Wahiawā?